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HIACON grows in attendance annually hosting a wide variety of hemp based businesses spanning from farmers to retailers. 


HIA is a program rich conference organized specifically for the industrial, nutritional and therapeutic hemp industries as well as supporting ancillary businesses. 

This event provides for education, conversation, and networking like no other hemp event in the country. 



Applications for Sponsors and Exhibitors are open now. We will sell out, so apply now. 

Exposure in Conference Communications

  • Link to website on conference web page

  • Listed in our 2019 conference guide

  • Business name on printed materials


Exhibit Hall Space

  • 10x10 Booth 

  • Highlighted in exhibit hall map

  • Booth passes for 2 exhibit hall staff


Event Hospitality

  • Full conference attendance included for 1 company representative at conference and awards ceremony (or equivalent offered in scholarships)

All sponsors and exhibitors are HIA® members at this B2B event. From farmers to processors, business services offered to the industries and finished products made from hemp, you can find all of your supply chain needs at HIACON! 

Many of our past exhibitors and sponsors have let us know that their most valuable business connections are made at HIACON, where the brain trust of the industries gather together to discuss all aspects of the industries from the latest developments to our rich history. They learn together from experts and each other. Orders for products and services are often negotiated right in the exhibit hall or the lounge while the event is live. The gold may be in the follow-up but there are nuggets to be found at the event, too!



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Founded by industry pioneers who champion the world’s leading hemp genetics, cannabidiol (CBD) formulations, and groundbreaking legislation, GenCanna™ focuses on scaling premium agricultural hemp production for food products to promote easy availability locally, nationally, and globally.


HiLo Hemp Seed

A trusted source for autoflower hemp seed, HiLo Seed Co is the creator of high-CBD, low-THC Autopilot.


CV Sciences

PlusCBD Oil™ by CV Sciences™ is the leading brand of hemp extracts containing cannabidiol (CBD) available across the nation. Hemp-derived CBD has been recognized for its benefits on human health and is capable of affecting nearly every biological process via the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). PlusCBD Oil™ products contain a biochemical matrix of phytocannabinoids including CBD, in addition to naturally occurring fatty acids, terpenes, plant sterols, and Vitamin E. The high-quality products come in a variety of delivery systems to suit customer preferences


Robinson Law Group

The Robison Group LLC provides legal advice and counseling to a wide array of clients in the hemp space including to industry stakeholders, universities, research institutions and not for profit organizations. The Robison Law Group delivers business, regulatory and legal solutions to its clients.



Helderpad is an international collection of botanical processing specialists committed to continuous Research, Development, and Diffusion of Innovative Botanical Processing Technologies. Whether through Equipment Sales, Toll Distilling, or Consulting, Helderpad is serving customers in markets around the world.


Hemp Road Trip

Hemp Road Trip's mission is to increase awareness on industrial hemp through a global grassroots campaign. Educating the public, influencing policy makers, and creating economic growth opportunities by ending the prohibition and misunderstanding of industrial hemp. Showcasing the benefits of the plant for its multipurpose use; health, energy, manufacturing, planet.


New West Genetics

New West Genetics has deep expertise in hemp genomics, breeding, and agribusiness. We are transforming the hemp industry by creating the most reliable, premium, proprietary hemp seed that reduces risk, increases yield, and enables sustainable large-scale production.


Pharmco by Greenfield Global

Pharmco, a brand by Greenfield Global, is a reliable manufacturer of high purity ethanol, solvents, and related products for extraction. We provide the support needed to produce quality products as quickly and efficiently as possible, while also helping to navigate potential regulatory or logistic roadblocks.


Hemp Production Services

HPS is a plant based protein and omega rich specialty oil manufacturer, providing customers with reliable, professionally managed, and cost effective high quality bulk food ingredients. HPS is a global leader in hempseed food ingredients including hulled hempseed, cold pressed hempseed oil and hempseed powder. The company works closely with select farmers from seeding to harvest ensuring top quality products and are a trusted source for global supply chains.


US Hemp Roundtable

Launched in early 2017, the U.S. Hemp Roundtable is a coalition of over dozens of hemp companies – representing every link of the product chain, from seed to sale – and all of the industry’s major national grassroots organizations. Our mission is to fight for full and permanent legalization of hemp and hemp products.


Hempleton Investment Group

East Coast First Stand Alone CBD Dispensary - Proud to provide 3rd party lab tested products to our stores and customers


Bish Enterprises

Bish Enterprises has been providing innovative products for 40 years, serving the farmers and dealers that harvest the crops that help feed America. We are famous worldwide for our Header Adapters, all of which are designed and fabricated here in Giltner, NE. Additional products we’re known for are the “Bish” branded harvest accessories, SuperCrop Row-Crop Header, “Bish Built” Custom Corn Heads, Row Crop Heads and Frame Kits, Corn Reels, Drive Kits, and much more! Hemp Harvest Works was founded by Andrew Bish of Bish Enterprises, in December of 2017 and operates in affiliation with Bish Enterprises. Hemp Harvest Works organized to help solve the mechanical needs of today’s hemp producers by providing both mass market machines and custom equipment for growing and/or harvesting hemp.


Deutsche Processing

Deutsche Process is a sanitary process equipment manufacturing company specializing in food processing and large volume extraction solutions for industrial hemp and cannabis.


Elevated Softgels

CBD contract manufacturer of vegan softgels and tinctures



We are the specialists in bio-plastic mulch film and we listen to what Producers have to say. In turn, we create even more innovative soil biodegradable mulch films to even better equip producers.


Healthy Hemp Solutions

Has your love of CBD pushed you want to become a CBD oil retailer? Healthy Hemp Solutions is the nation’s largest distributor of hemp extract based products. We vet the brands, so you don’t have to. We prioritize educating our accounts effectively, so that you can stay up to date on the latest and greatest CBD news, brands, and more! Our goal is to save you time and money – so that savings can be passed to your customers! Let’s discuss how to get started so your business location can be the next hot spot for health!


Myco Sativa LLC

Offering unparalleled product knowledge of plant-derived active ingredients, Myco Sativa uses a network of herbal and medical experts, scientists and researchers to collaborate in the development of our formulas.


ProVerde Laboratories Inc.

ProVerde is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited laboratory with one of the broadest scopes of accreditation in the cannabis and hemp industries. We offer the full suite of testing services including but not limited to Cannabinoid Profiles, Terpene Profiles, Residual Solvent (VOC) Screenings, Heavy Metal and Elemental Analyses, Bacteria/Yeast/Mold Screenings, E.coli/Salmonella Screenings, Mycotoxin Screenings and Pesticide Screenings. Our reputation has helped us become the largest tester of CBD/Hemp products in the world; We currently test CBD/Hemp products from every state and over 40+ countries.



Proptek have been designing plant propagation trays and containers for over 30 years. Millions of trays have now been sold all over the USA and over 20 countries worldwide. Our products are designed to last for years, not a season or two, and to create top quality seedlings. They are people and machine friendly: they can be de-stacked, filled, seeded and even transplanted all automatically. The superior roots created by our unique cell design means plants pull very easily and have less chance of being damaged. These quality roots also mean plants that grows quickly and strongly once planted out.


Rivulis Irrigation

Rivulis Irrigation manufactures and distributes industry leading micro irrigation products worldwide to help growers GROW BEYOND their highest expectations season after season. Our product portfolio includes: drip tapes, thin wall drip lines, medium/heavy wall drip lines, PC drip lines, drippers, jets and sprinklers, metal filters, plastic filters, valves, connectors, hose, tubing, and layflat products.


Sunrise Genetics

Sunrise Genetics uses genomics to develop and establish Cannabis as a crop for food, medicine, bioenergy, and fiber. The best plants, and the products derived from them, originate from specific combinations of genes that give them superior qualities. Through accelerated breeding efforts using genetic markers, we apply phenotypic and agronomic insight to produce the most comprehensive platform for creating legitimate, commercial-ready plants or varietal lines.


Suståne Natural Fertilizer, Inc.

Suståne Organic Fertilizers and Soil Builders: Safe. Simple. Effective. Proven over multi-year field trials on Hemp. Suståne combines multiple benefits of high quality; granulated compost loaded with beneficial biology and provides the performance of slow release fertilizers while enhancing soil health. The world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of natural fertilizers for all green industries including Cannabis and Industrial Hemp, horticulture, organic farms, and native vegetative establishment. Backed by 30 years of applied research on diverse crops. Suståne is USDA Biobased Certified Allowed for certified organic farming by OMRI. Suståne is available throughout North America and worldwide.


Key to Life

At Key To Life we measure our success by our customer’s success and we stand behind that mantra in every aspect of our business. Our mission is to be a seed-to-sale front-runner in the practice of organic and environmentally sustainable agriculture, horticulture, and hydroponics.


We can provide or guide you everything a grower needs to be successful: commercially proven organic powdered fertilizers, optimized hemp seed genetics for CBD production (feminized and conventional), seed plugs, mobile seed sowing services, mobile hemp material separation services, large-scale hemp separation equipment and top-of-the-line industrial extraction equipment and grow consulting.


Please join us in encouraging responsible stewardship of the planet, because “we do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. We invite you to join us in that mission and to watch your success grow!


Youngblood & Associates

Youngblood & Associates is one of the most uniquely structured firms of its kind, as its staff is as experienced in business agriculture as it is in immigration and labor law.

We serve as long-term legal partners for individuals and families, as well as for employers seeking foreign labor. When we work with you, we help you build your future. We customize our approach to your specific personal and business needs and adapt our legal strategy as you move forward or grow your business.


New Bloom Labs

New Bloom Labs uses the latest scientific techniques to deliver industry-leading chemical analysis for today’s hemp industry. New Bloom Labs is committed to providing clients with first-class customer service, accurate results, and rapid turnaround.


Hoban Law Group

Hoban Law Group is the first U.S. based law firm to expand its cannabis industry services across the globe with attorneys in the European Union, Latin America, and beyond. With these resources, HLG builds out client portfolios within the global cannabis economy. As a Global Canna business Leader since 2009, HLG has been providing professional services to the cannabis industry, which is comprised of the international hemp and regulated marijuana marketplace. We have gained international distinction for providing elite cannabis industry consulting and full-service legal solutions for our international clientele.


Founder’s Hemp

Our company, Founder’s Hemp, is a vertically integrated company. We are developing a group of contracted farms and farmers who will grow specifically for our company. We will be providing expert assistance to our farmers on everything from seed or clone selection to harvesting methods. In addition to processing our own hemp into usable products, we contract extraction services as well. Our retail website will offer to you, our customers, selected and high-quality products, fiber, food and more. Some we will make and some we will source from others. Our commitment to you is that we will always disclose to you where our hemp was grown and where our products are made. We only use hemp grown in the United States that is in compliance with the 2014 Federal Farm Bill and licensed under applicable state law.


East Coast Cannalytics LLC

The mission of East Coast Cannalytics LLC (ECC) is to provide farmers, growers, processors, and consumers important information about the safety and quality of their hemp plants and products. ECC is a non-biased, independent, third-party testing lab that offers full transparency and validation of claims made regarding potency and purity of hemp products.


Orange Photonics

LightLab, is a liquid chromatography based portable cannabinoid analyzer, designed for non-technical users. LightLab measures eight cannabinoids and terpenes, in wet or dry material, concentrates and infused products. LightLab’s Hemp Compliance Module quantifies THC content down to .03%, ten times lower than the federal threshold. Orange Photonics’ analytical instrumentation serves the needs of the cannabis industry, counting cultivators, extractors, departments of agriculture, law enforcement, universities, testing laboratories, infused products producers, and regulators among its customers.


Boring Hemp Genetics

Being farmers ourselves we see the significant value in the quality of high CBD, low THC seed. We sell third party tested, feminized CBD seed for farms all throughout the country. We've developed a variety of strains with diverse and high performing genetics.


Organix Solutions

Organix Solutions is an American biopolymer manufacturer making the only Certified Soil Biodegradable Mulch Film available in North America.


Appalachian Growers

Located in the foothills of Western North Carolina, Appalachian Growers is bringing Organically grown hemp to the East Coast. Using proven techniques and genetics from pioneers in the hemp industry, Appalachian Growers have been recognized for growing a quality product. Along with expanding our own farm, we are assisting local farmers with farm consultation services.


Made By Hemp

Providing quality CBD hemp products since 2013. Quality and consistency in our promise. From our farmers to your family we are here for you.


Ecological Laboratories Inc.

The Quantum Growth Series replaces the natural soil microorganisms that are depleted through fumigation, tilling, harvesting and/or overuse of chemical controls. It is the only biological product on the market that is shelf stable, contains photosynthetic and other vegetative cultures and does not use growth inhibitors. There is no other product available that meets these criteria.


Porter Ranch Inc.

We produce an all-natural insect repellent. Unlike other natural insecticides on the market, PLP LIQUID FORMULA provides a broad spectrum of control on a wide range of insects. Controls insects such as aphids, thrips.


Formation Ag

Formation Ag is a hemp equipment innovation company designing and building harvesting and processing equipment. In their fourth season of testing, Formation Ag offers harvesting headers and in-field stripping units, decorticators, collection carts, biomass separators, seed and grain cleaners, and equipment designed for hemp on a large scale. Formation Ag's products aid farmers and processors to reduce labor cost while increasing returns and farming abilities on an industrial scale.


Chocolate Text


United Science


Cumberland Sales Co.


Oak City Hemp




Queen City Hemp

Queen City Hemp is a Cincinnati-based company providing a variety of all-natural CBD infused products, from seltzers to hemp balms, vapes and tinctures since 2015. As the original zero calorie CBD seltzer created in the U.S., Queen City Hemp is committed to setting the industry standards for quality, transparency and consistency, and sources the highest quality ingredients to create a line of CBD-infused products that people feel good about consuming. To deliver on their promise of transparency, Queen City Hemp features all product testing directly on their website. All of Queen City Hemp’s products contain less than 0.3% THC and are created from 100% U.S.-based hemp.